Understanding the Different Kinds of Scrapbook Display Racks

Slot Paper Shelves and สล็อตคืออะไร Paper ShelvesSlot paper shelves are designed to work with slot paper racks (see below) to organize and display various kinds of paper or sheets of other kinds of scrapbook supplies (such as stencils or stickers) in a way that’s convenient for both you and your customers. You can find slot paper shelves that include as few as one or as many as three “slots” of various sizes for holding paper.

Which makes it easy for you to create a scrapbook supply display no matter how many supplies your store sells. Slot Paper RacksSlot paper racks are the display racks designed to hold slot paper shelves. Just like you can with the shelves, you can find slot paper racks in various sizes as well as in both floor or “tower” models and countertop models.

These kinds of display fixtures include on-roll shelves that allow you to display rolls of merchandise such as stickers; slot paper shelves for organizing and displaying sheets of paper, stickers, or stencils; sturdier flat metal racks for showcasing heavier items such as entire packs of paper or the books themselves; and “catch all” baskets designed to hold nearly any item the other fixtures can’t easily display such as tubes of clue or containers of glitter or sequins.

Bucket Display RacksBecause of how versatile and convenient they are, bucket display racks are actually found in many different kinds of retail establishments. It’s also for those reasons that bucket displays work so well to showcase scrapbook materials. You can find bucket displays in a variety of styles and sizes, including racks designed specifically for floor or countertop displays, and with a wide range of bucket numbers.

You can use bucket displays to organize and display many kinds of scrapbook items such as rolls of stickers, tubes of glue and glitter, markers and other writing utensils, and even small packets of stencils or stickers.Mobile Scrapbook CentersYou can almost think of mobile scrapbook centers as your customers’ one-stop shop for scrapbook supplies.

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