Travel To Singapore – The 3 Most Popular Districts To Stay in Singapore

The Marina Bay area and the Colonial District that are located near Raffles Place MRT and City Hall MRT is one of the most popular places to find high end hotels to stay at. This is attributed to the fact that this area is well located in the city center of Singapore,Travel To Singapore – The 3 Most Popular Districts To Stay in Singapore Articles as well as it overlooks the waterfront. In this area it is well located near malls, eateries, and historical sites. Popular hotels in this area include the Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino, the Fullerton Hotel near Raffles Place, the Ritz Carlton near Suntec City, and the Swiss Hotel near City

Sentosa Island

With the recent addition of the Resorts World Resort and Casino in Sentosa Island, this has made it a popular area to stay in. The Sentosa Island provides many getaways from the busy life of the city, such as luxury outdoor spas, beaches near the ocean, and a golfing range. In addition inside Resorts World itself, you will find the Universal Studios theme park, and of course the casino. Popular hotels in Sentosa include all the major hotels in Resorts World such as the Hard Rock Café Hotel, and the fabulous Shangri-La Rasa Resort Hotel located near Siloso Beach on the corner of Sentosa Island.

Orchard Road

Rounding out the top 3 places to stay in Singapore is the Orchard Road area. This area is famous for high end luxury living, as well as shopping. It is a shopper’s heaven, as there are numerous malls located down Orchard Road for all classes of people alike. It is conveniently located as there are 3 separate MRT subway stations throughout the stretch of the road. Popular places to stay in this area include the Grand Hyatt, the Hilton, the Marriot, and the Shangri-La.

By staying near these 3 most popular places in Singapore, you will guarantee yourself to be at very close proximity to all the places of interest. These areas are located near the city center, and are very accessible to the MRT subway train stations. Also you will be very near many shopping venues, and also eateries and bars. Therefore you will be close to all the action and entertainment that Singapore has to offer, so you cannot go wrong if you stay in any of these 3 key areas.

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