The Mystics and Advanced Technology

Someone who has a true mystical experience is passionate in their desire to them, to do for mankind. This passion has led many a living church youtube channel to be ridiculed, rejected, imprisoned and has often, led to a torturous death.

The foundation of all religion is grounded in mysticism. As mysticism evolves, knowledge of the mystical evolves as well. As the technology of contemporary science evolves, so does the mystics ability to understand what is being said to them, who is communicating with them or to them and more importantly, why the communication is taking place.

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable one believes themselves to be, we are a society that lives in the dark. We live a world of beliefs! The bottom line of our situation is this; we live on a rock out in space and we have no clue how we got here. We have many theories but the secret of our existence is still a mystery.

As we and technology both evolve, the likelihood of discovering the roots of our creation become statistically more plausible. When one pledges faith to an ancient religious creed, they need to consider those implications carefully. Pledging faith to a creed which has no basis in logic says something about ourselves and we need to pay attention to what that something is.

It is the mystic who influences the path of beliefs, who presents something new and in so doing, changes the path of faith for the status quo. Ironically, the mystic and the few followers who assist in the delivery of this new message are often rejected by society only to be accepted after society has destroyed them. The status quo is never anxious to be enlightened, unless it is they who are doing the enlightenment. However, once an impassioned mystic is disposed of or fades into myth and their philosophy has been altered to accommodate the wiles of the status quo, society is eager to accept them but only within the specified boundaries of those who seek control.

A good example is the manipulation of the philosophy of Christianity, which lived within the hearts of the faithful for more than three hundred years before Constantine the Great collected many of the ancient writings of the ancient Christian philosophers and evangelists to include that of Jesus, the Nazarene. The philosophy of Christianity goes a great deal further back than two thousand years ago in antiquity. Christianity is basically the same philosophy as the Roman pagans and paganism in general and dates back long before the time of Christ.

Our beliefs whether we are aware of it or not, are always evolving. What happened two thousand years ago is not a matter of history but logic. With the evolution of language, the motivation, politics, knowledge and understanding of the writer are all variables in what we believe. I believe we would all feel foolish when and if we were to be presented with the evidence of what really happened two thousand years ago. One day, because of the advanced technology that records everything we think, say and do… we will!

If one seeks to understand the mystic, thus the roots of all religions from the beginning of time, they must at least accept the premise, that advanced technology already exists and those that possess it want us to have it as well.

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