Google AdSense – What You Should to Know About URL and Custom Channel

The way you use best IPTV for Android TV is determined by how you want to track your ads and by the revenues generated from those ads. You can track them by ad, page, and even Web site – whatever works best for you. When you have that information, you can cross-compare it to your Web site traffic statistics to figure out even more about what’s working and what’s not.

AdSense offers two different types of channels: URL channels and custom channels. URL channels track your AdSense ads by URL. You can track either single pages or you can use the top URL ( to track every page within a Web site. Custom channels allow you to track specific ads, according to parameters that you define. You can use a single custom channel to track multiple ads on multiple Web sites, as well. When using channels to track your AdSense ads, the code that’s generated for your ad differs slightly from what would be generated if you weren’t tracking the ads with a specific channel. However, the code should still be pasted into your Web site or blog in the same manner that you added code that isn’t tracked by channels.

One very useful facet of using channels is that these differentiators allow you to track the effectiveness of changes that you might be testing in your ads. For example, if you’re running two sets of ads on your page, one with borders and one without, you can assign different channels to these ads to see which performs better.

Here’s a hint: Ads without borders nearly always perform better than ads with borders. Taking the border away seems to make some site visitors more willing to give an AdSense ad a try – maybe because it doesn’t really look much like an ad.

The first thing you need to do when you decide to use channels is to figure out exactly what purpose the channels have. Why do you want to use channels? Do you want to see how well a specific ad design is performing? Or do you want to track how effective ads on a specific page of your site are? After you determine what you want to track with channels, you can begin to create the channels that will serve your needs. You can create up to 200 different channels in your AdSense account, and after you create a channel, you can rename, deactivate, or delete it completely if you’re no longer using it. The next few sections give you all the details.

When you start to create a new channel, the process is set to create channels for AdSense for Content ads. You have the option to create channels for Referrals and Mobile Content, too. If you choose to create a channel for one of the other types of AdSense, click the blue linked tab for that option. AdSense for Search is the only type of ad that you can’t create a URL channel for.

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