First Look At Google Spreadsheets

I recently (today) got my invitation from Comprar avaliações Google to try out their latest web app, Google Spreadsheets. After messing around with it for a few minutes, here is what I thought about it.

When it seemed that Google was going no where and just releasing random features, they kept pushing. And know I am writing about the newest feature in the Web 2.0 migration. Google Spreadsheets is Google’s next attempt in getting rid of desktop apps and replacing them with an access anywhere solution. More specifically, a web based one. With Google Spreadsheets (GS for short), you can create a spreadsheet just as you would with any other spreadsheet app you would find on a Windows or Mac computer.

At first glance, it’s like you already know your way around. If you use Office even just a little bit, it feels just like Excel. The ability to choose the format of the cell, the shading and borders, even just the basic bolding, italicizing, and underlining. Its all right where you feel it should be and you don’t have to search for anything, making it productive right out of the box…. Well, you know what I mean.

Google stores all of your saved spreadsheets on their server so there is no need to have to be at your computer or have a flash drive. They also make it easy for you to use your existing spreadsheets by uploading them.

The nice AJAX feeling with the menus and windows is a great touch. Like I said, it feels like home. Its extreamly easy to use, fast loading through windows, I might enjoy this a bit more than Excel on my desktop.

So, with all of that in mind, Google is coming out with some pretty cool stuff. The only thing I see a problem with is that there is no centralized page for the user that brings together all of these features. The next thing I think Google should do is create a project like Your Desktop or something. Where the page would like just like a OS desktop with shortcuts to all of your apps, allow you to categorize folders on your space and maybe even include nice apps like a calculator and more just as you would find on a real computer. This would be the project that just brings everything together. All of your stuff, in one place, no matter where you are, you can access it. Google is definitely of to a great start and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next Web App from Google.

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