How to Train Your Pet Rat

Once you’ve got a selten with your rat why not train him? It will add to his day immensely and it’s fun for you too. Hey you could even show him off as a bit of a party trick. The more people that love rats the better right?

Remember when you train your pet that even though you are spending quality time with them they still need a stimulating environment. You’re not there all the time. It is also important to try not to be too demanding and results orientated. Give your rat a break! This is meant to be fun and when it stops being fun your ratty won’t want to do it anymore. It is also important to keep it up. If you neglect a certain trick for a while your ratty may forget it. After all he’s got more important things to think about – like food!

Litter Training

OK so this isn’t the most impressive party trick, but it will make things a lot easier for you. You will have to spend less time cleaning out the cage and less money on bedding and the rats can live in a cleaner environment. Everybody wins!

The first step is to make a litter tray out of something such as the bottom of a tissue box or a shoe box. Put some bedding in it, so it looks a bit inviting and then place it in your ratties cage. If there is already one area your rat likes to go to the toilet put it there.

Place your ratty into his new litter tray. Move the poops your rats have done into the box, so that they can smell it there. This will encourage them to go there again. When you find that they have pooped outside the litter tray simply move the poops inside the box again.

It may take time, but persevere and they will learn. Rats like to be clean too you know.

Learning Their Name

This is an excellent place to start with your training. It will make your party tricks a lot easier to learn and it is easy to teach.

Every time you say your rats name pick it up and give it a cuddle or even a little treat (it’s favourite food). After a while you can drum you hand on the floor and call it’s name and again, when it comes to you give it a little treat.

It won’t be long before you can call your rat by name and it will come to you. Continue to reward it with tickles, kisses and of course the occasional treat.


Place your ratty on your lap and make a little gap between your legs. In one hand hold a delicious treat. Your ratty will have to jump the gap to get to the treat. Wave the treat and say “jump Wombat” (insert your rats name here) When your pet has done it give them the treat and lots of praise. Get them to do it a few times. Soon they will do it even without a treat, but don’t forget plenty of praise.


This is a cute one. Hold a delicious treat above your ratties head (a thin piece of carrot dipped in hommous is ideal). Say “clap Wombat” and he will reach up for the treat, lift it up a little so his hands meet. Each time he “claps” say “good boy Wombat” and after say three times give him the treat and let him enjoy it, as well as lots of praise from his favourite person (you I hope).

Bad Behaviour

If your rat keeps trying to chew the wires or do other naught ratty things, don’t get mad, just spray a little water from the plant mister in his direction and say no. But never be mean to your ratty. They can’t help being so inquisitive after all.

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