Best Abdominal Machines for Attaining the Washboard Look

Everyone loves the look of tight, washboard abs. However, getting them is hard work. You need to adhere to a healthy diet to keep your amount of belly fat low so that your busbar machine muscles are visible. And, you need to develop an effective exercise regimen that really works your abdominals. Having a good abdominal machine can help. There are many good models out there, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

The Ab Rocket is a wonderfully versatile machine. It allows you to work muscle groups in your lower, middle and upper abs. The machine also has a range of resistance settings. This allows you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as your abdominal muscles get stronger. Regular sit-ups can put unnecessary strain on your neck and back and result in lost energy and effort. The Ab Rocket exercise machine supports your entire body while focusing your effort on the abdominal muscles. It uses rolling cushions to relieve pressure on your back and neck, so you can build stronger abdominals more efficiently.

Another quality machine to consider is the Body Solid Semi-Recumbent Ab Bench. This machine allows you to choose a variety of positions to isolate muscle groups and work them one at a time. The Ab Bench makes it possible to do abdominal crunches, knee bends and other exercises to target specific groups of muscles. The machine is quite adaptable, and allows you to add weights to create greater resistance as you gain strength.

The best home gym machine on the market for working out your abs is the Abcore Junior. The total range of motion is great! The Abcore Junior targets the upper and lower abdominal muscles without stressing the lower back. The seat can be moved to either side with an adjustment of a bar under the seat. This allows the machine to isolate and work the muscles on the sides of the body called the oblique muscles.

No matter which machine you choose, careful and consistent use is key to getting the body that you want. Be patient and exercise on a regular basis. The look you want cannot be attained overnight. Aerobic exercise, such as walking, biking, or jogging have been shown to play a significance role in toning and working the abdominal muscles. Always stretch to avoid injuries, and follow a sensible diet to create the hard, washboard look you desire.

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