What are Dental Burs? – All you need to know

Dental burs are typically tiny drill tips that help to work on teeth. They are used by attaching to dentist handpiece to remove tooth material and can also polish hard surfaces. قیمت یونیت دندانپزشکی burs are quick and can rotate to speed of half a million revolutions per minute. Dental burs can be of different types and dentist choose the burs as per their clinic’s requirements.

Steel burs are durable, economical, and highly chosen for filling cavities, adjusting acrylics, and removing dentin. They are flexible, break resistant, and softer than other burs. However, over usage over long period of time they can corrode and may impose the requirement of a new one.

Diamond burs are mostly used with dental handpieces with high speed. Diamond burs are usually made by bonding small particles of diamond onto a substrate. Being the hardest, diamond burs are used to grind hard tooth tissue and enamel to give a rough finish. They are usually used for veneer and crown work.

As the name suggest, ceramic is a strong material and the burs made of ceramic are usually used for cutting bone during dental implant procedures. This is mainly to pilot holes and create access for placement of implants. Ceramic burs are also used to treat cavities and remove dentin. Ceramic burs help conduct less heat than other burs and is better preferred for adjusting acrylic and thermoplastics.

Tungsten carbide burs are 300 % more stronger than steel. Due to its sharpness, it is a great tool for cutting. Carbide burs help cut the tooth and burs the chip resulting in a smooth finish.  While using tungsten carbide burs, the debris build up is minimal and can be effectively used on removing metal restorations, shaping bone, and trimming composites.

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