Valuable Tips For Choosing the Right Kitty

Looking to buy a exotic longhair cat for sale While bringing home a cute kitten can be really enjoyable, there are quite a few factors you have to consider before making the big decision. You should understand that having any pet is a huge responsibility and may want to consider carefully if you are ready to shoulder them. You will also have to buy a cat that will be able to adjust to your lifestyle. If you are ready, here some four valuable tips to choose the right cat for yourself.


When considering the breed of cat, the first thing to do is to list down your own preferences. Do you like long haired cats or would prefer to have a short coated cat? Do you have any preference regarding the color of your cat? Write down the answers to these questions and when you are ready, start collecting information on the behavioral traits and personalities of the different breeds. It will help you to zero in on the most suitable breed for you.

Choosing a Cattery

This is the second step to buy a cat. For getting a healthy purebred kitten of your choice, you must first take the time to choose the right cattery. You can start by collecting references and from seeking the help of vets or breed owners to locate a reputable cattery. Before you visit them and get carried away with the cute kitties on display, ask the breeders about their professional qualifications, how long they have been running the cattery, specific information and vaccination about the breed that you would like to have etc. After getting your queries answered, visit the cattery and choose your kitten.


Owning a pet is just like adding a new member to your family. So be ready to spend a generous amount of money on your cat for its well being. You will have to spend on its food, medication, grooming products as well as treats such as outdoor cat enclosures and toys. It may easily cost you $1000 per year. So, before bringing a cat home, consider whether you are ready to commit this amount.

Cat Health and Training

Before you buy a cat, also consider its health. Preferably, you should go for an active and curious kitten and not for one that has a weak appearance or is overly afraid of your presence. However, kittens that are too active will require more attention and if you are not keen on training a kitten, you may consider buying a grown up cat that’s already calm and trained to some extent.

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