The Ins and Outs of Lip Plumpers!

Have you always wanted to have those perfectly alluring, fuller lip blushing perth like that of Angelina Jolie? Getting those luscious lips no longer requires injections. With lip plumpers, you can now make your lips look fuller in no time. However, when it comes to using lip plumping products, there is one question that arises in the minds of most women – do these enhancers really work? The answer is yes, they do work!

Injecting the pout with collagen is the most common method that most women rely on to get a fuller pout. However, the only drawback with this method is it does not guarantee the best results. Lip enhancing products, on the other hand, are a safe method to plump up your pout. Most of these lip enhancers irritate your lips’ skin to achieve that plumping effect. These enhancing products also contain moisturizing ingredients to nourish your lips. Also, those annoying cracks and fine lines in your lips will be filled. The natural collagen present in your lips will also be enhanced. There are also lip enhancing glosses, which give a special glow to your lips making them appear fuller.

Apart from enhancing products that work by irritating your pout, a few products lock moisture within your lips to give that fuller effect. Moisture locking is done by the hydrophilic ingredients that these enhancers come with.

Menthol forms the base of these plumpers. A few of these enhancers also replace menthol with camphor to irritate your lips and make it swollen. There are also plumping products that contain amino acids, cinnamon, and caffeine apart from the usual ingredients. As said earlier, some of these lip care products come with vitamin B12 and E to moisturize your lips.

Lip enhancing products are available in numerous shades. Be wise in your selection and pick the one that goes well with your skin tone. Plumpers in lighter shades make a better choice as they provide the best plumping results. Make sure the lip makeup product you choose does not dry out your lips. Also ensure that the product does not contain ginger root extract, cinnamon leaf oil, niacin, or peppermint oil.

Application of the plumping product depends completely on the container it comes in. Plumping products that come in a tube will usually have a wand applicator. In case, you pick the one that comes in a pot, then you need to use either your finger or a brush to apply it.

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