Smoke Odor Removal – Everything You Need to Know

Lightning strikes the Earth over 100,000 times a day. Of these, 10-20% cause a fire. With these many fires there is always IGET Hot Flavours in the air. The borders between North American countries are close together and smoke does not recognize these boundaries, flowing from one country to the next. This year was exceptionally bad for smoke from forest fires throughout California. In fact, there are still fires smoldering throughout North America. One of the concerns with smoke billowing through the skies is the smell that lingers. Smoke Odor removal should be something that we need to be concerned about.

There is not a one solution fits all for removing smoke but the ultimate goal remains the same, breathing fresh clean air, without the smell of smoke.  Removing the odor of smoke does not mean masking the smell. There are many household products that can mask the smell, but it will not remove the smoke and the smell can come back. Often these products will also combine with the smoke and create a new, overbearing odor.

One of the solutions is having the HVAC and air ducts cleaned. Smoke can enter the HVAC system and travel through the air ducts. Using the HVAC system after a wildfire can kick the ash and soot back up into the ducts when the air is circulated through the home or business, polluting the air and carrying the smell of smoke throughout the building. Cleaning the HVAC and air duct allows the ducts to be scrubbed and all the smoke particles removed.

The use of air scrubbers or HEPA filters are essential in removing smoke smell from any room or facility. Air scrubbers circulate the air and pull the it through the scrubber to remove particulate and push out clean air. This continuous cycle can trap smoke odor and remove it from a home or building. Using the right filters is what makes this system so useful. HEPA filters are designed to hold particles as small as .03mg, allowing it to filter smoke.  Using a charcoal filter is another effective method of smoke odor removal. The smoke runs through a bed of active charcoal that absorbs the smoke smell and eliminates the odor. Any filter that is used needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

There are times when the smell of smoke is a great sensation, such as roasting marshmallows at a bonfire or snuggling up to the dying coals in a fireplace, however with forest fires the smoke is pervasive, carcinogenic, and smelly. Without proper smoke odor removal, the smell can linger for a long time. For more information and to find the best and most innovative solutions for air quality challenges to help stay safe, breathe easy, and live well in healthier indoor environments, consider professional smoke odor removal.

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