Powerful Love Spells That Work – Free Spell!

The following is one of many powerful voodoo love spells using pictures spells that work. When done correctly (and having some slight experience in the craft), this spell can hit the one you are targeting pretty quickly.
This spell should be done between the hours of 12 midnight and 1AM; preferable with a full moon as well.

You will need to have a white candle (thick or slim), a red candle (thick or slim), and a yellow candle (thick or slim)… It is best if these candles are unscented. They should be 12 inches in length. You will also need another small white candle to use as the candle to light the others with. And, don’t forget the lighter or match!

Next, you will need to have something from the person you are casting on. These ‘somethings’ are called imprints. While casting a spell, a strand of hair or fingernail works best. However, if you do not have access to any of these things, then a photograph will work fine. Light the small white candle while holding it in your left hand. Next, light the main white candle that is standing in the ground with the small white candle you just lighted.

While holding the yellow candle in your right hand, light it from the large white candle. Then, place the yellow candle to the left on the seventh line. While holding the red candle in your left hand, light it also from the large white candle and place that candle to the right on the seventh line.

Remember, while you are casting, stay focused only on the person you are casting upon. Having your mind wander can cause the love spell to fail.

Step 11: Repeat the following words 3 times: “Crastern Ater Trew Iop Li Thig Frets Loob Trenis (and the name of the person backwards). After repeating this, move both the yellow and red candles to the sixth line.

On the second night, repeat the exact same thing, except this time you are going to move the candles to line five. You do not need to repeat the digging and covering of the imprint, just the candle ceremony. Continue to do this every night until the final night. On the last night, all the candles will join together. When this happens, you should tie the candles together tightly with a ribbon that contains bright colors.

Step 13: Bury the candles in the ground with the imprints. It is OK to meditate upon the candles while repeating the words from above. Try to picture yourself with your object of desire.

On the last night before bed, repeat the words on last time. Although this is a powerful love spell that works, please remember that love spells do not happen overnight like we see in movies. They can take anywhere from 3 days to a month. So, try and be patient and remain positive. Any impatience or negativity into the spell, could case it to fail.

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