Logical conclusion that all remaining silver

Unlike gold which never goes away, τιμη αργυρου is literally consumed. Most of the applications for silver literally “use it up” never to be seen again. Since the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides predictions that lead to the logical conclusion that all remaining silver in the world (including what’s still in the ground) will be gone within the next 25 years, there is a strictly limited supply of silver.

In 1942, the U.S. Government had over 3 billion ounces of silver, but they ran completely out several years ago; even the national defense stockpile is gone. Over 90% of all the silver mined in the past 5,000 years has been used up, and is gone forever.

Right now, there is more than five times as much gold in the known world supply compared to the world supply of silver.

However, there are many, many more applications for silver than for gold. In other words, there is a huge, growing demand for silver. A growing demand with a strictly limited supply for anything can only mean one thing: prices are going to skyrocket.

This means you need to protect your financial future and buy silver now. One of the best ways to buy silver is to buy silver coins, but that is a subject best left for other articles. In the remainder of this article, I am going to list some of the more popular applications for silver… applications that literally consume silver… applications that will cause the dwindling supply crisis enfolding right now:

* Rechargeable and disposable batteries
* Electroplating on steel bearings
* Corrosion-resistant solder
* Silver brazing allows in refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, aerospace, etc.
* Production of plastics including adhesives, construction lamination resins, plywood, dinnerware, packaging materials, insulation, and more.
* Production of soft plastics used in polyester textiles
* Molded items such as insulated handles, computer key tops, and appliance components.
* Mylar tape used in audio and video recording
* Oxidizers in metallurgy
* Silver bullion and proof coins
* Silverware and jewelry
* Electrical conductors, switches, fuses, and contacts.
* Electrical appliances, timers, thermostats, and sump pumps.
* Automotives
* Silver relays used in appliances and home care machines (e.g., vacuum cleaners).
* Electronic circuit boards and components.
* Computer keyboards.
* Antennas
* RF Identifications (RFID’s) or Smart Tags
* Car windshields
* Silver plating
* Mirrors and glass coatings
* Pharmaceuticals
* Prescription eyeglasses
* Xrays and photographic films
* Solar cells
* Bactericides and algaecides
* Water purifiers and swimming pool chemicals
* And new applications for silver are invented every year.

If you are like most people, you are shocked by reading the list above. Hopefully, you can see the severity of the impending problem, but what should you do about it.

Well, you can obviously do nothing, and just watch the show, or you can ensure your financial future and buy silver now.

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