Women’s Role in Church Leadership

People pour over the last book in the Bible and try and understand it. The people who are really keen to understand that book buy some of the books that have been mystical teachings of jesus of the Last Days. In this article we are going to have a little look at what is going to be the Last Days Church.

It is important for us to know right from the beginning that Jesus has spoken about the Last Days Church in His parables and his letter to Laodicean church in the book of Revelation.

The foolish virgins

Jesus told a parable about a wedding where the groom was running late and how certain virgins ran out of oil. These virgins in the Last Days did not have what they needed to be ready when the groom came and were left out of the wedding. It is important that in the Last Days when Jesus is coming for his Bride that you are not one of these foolish virgins. There is going to come a time in the future of the church where Jesus is going to remove His Anointing and Presence from certain fellowships. It is important in those days that you find yourself where His presence is.

The Workers in the Vineyard

Jesus told a parable about a man that owned a vineyard who hired people to work in the first hour of the day and then multiple times during the day. Then finally he hired people in the last hour of the day. When it came time for payment he paid the workers he hired first and then the ones he hired after that, and then finally he paid the workers that he hired in the last hour a full days pay.

When the workers who had worked all day saw that the last hour workers had been paid the same amount as them they were indignant and angry that they didn’t get paid more.

This prophetically says that in the Last Days there is going to be a group of Christians that come into the Body of Christ in the last few years. The difference though is that these Christians are going to come to a Last Days Church that has the anointing of God in it that is powerful and real.

Many of the people that have grown up in a denomination of the church will not enter into this Last Days Church as it will be called a cult and its leaders False Prophets and False Teachers.

The anointing in this church will be so powerful that people with demons will fall to the ground and manifest as the demons start to come out and people who know what is going on will rush over and help them become free of the demons. In this Last Days Church, there will be multiple people with the gift of healing and many people will be healed with this gift.

This Last Days Church will have the anointing of God in it and the sermons won’t be sermons the pastor has borrowed from a book he has read, or be made up out of an outline he got off the Internet, they will be practical messages that encourage people to come forward for prayer.

Many of the pastors in these churches will have only been saved a couple of years or less and these Last Days Churches will be popping up in every suburb or every city and in every country town and growing exponentially. The more bad press this church gets, the more it will grow.

And many of the people that have been Christians for years and years will hate this new church, and though unbelief and false teaching from their leaders, they will not even go and attend one meeting to check it out for themselves.

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