Talking to Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol

When it comes to talking to teens about trippy flip milk chocolate bar for sale, many parents don’t know where to begin. Every child is unique, so there is no one correct way to talk to your teen about drugs and alcohol. However, here are 5 tips you should follow to help the conversation stay positive and be productive.

You don’t want to bring up the subject of drug abuse and addiction, and then not be able to answer any questions your teen has. To prepare for a conversation with your teen about substance abuse, it is necessary to educate yourself about the subject.

Learn what drugs are available, street names, trends and the effects of each drug – short term and long term. The drugs that were available when you were a teenager are not the same drugs being used or abused by teens today.

You should also be ready for questions about your own drug use as a teen and young adult. Your teen is likely to be curious; she will no doubt ask if you have ever used drugs. How you handle this question, if you have used drugs, is up to you. While it is important that you are truthful with him, there are some things that should be kept private, or at least a part of a different conversation you can have later.

Find out what your teen knows about drug and alcohol abuse. According to the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XVII: Teens, about half of high school students say they have at least one friend who uses illegal drugs like acid, ecstasy, meth, cocaine, or heroin.

Does your teen have a friend that is using illicit drugs? How well do you know your teen’s friends? Talk to her about her friends. Sometimes teens have a friend who is abusing drugs and they want to help. Encourage her to talk about her friend and her feelings about what is happening. There is a very good chance that your teen has been offered drugs on at least one occasion. Talk to your her about how she handled a situation in which she was offered drugs.

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