Welsh Gold Jewellery Charms And What They Imply

Many people enjoy the kinds of Superior Sterling Men’s Jewellery that allow them to add charms and collect them over time. Collecting charms adds uniqueness and can be coordinated to represent your personal taste. People of all ages enjoy the idea of adding charms to a necklace or bracelet. However there are very few people that know what each charm implies. Each charm has a particular meaning and it makes it a very special piece of jewellery when you know what these meanings are. Below are some of the popular charm designs made out of Welsh gold and what they each mean.

Dragonfly Jewellery charms made out of Welsh gold are sought after by many. Because dragonflies spend most of their lives near the water this charm is meant to represent a dreamer or a philosopher. The dragonfly lives a very short life so the dragonfly charm made out of Welsh gold should remind the owner to always live life to the fullest.  Dragonflies are beautiful, fragile and are exquisite designs for jewellery. You can opt for dragonfly jewellery charms made out of yellow and rose gold or silver and rose gold.

The apple charm made out of Welsh gold can be a lovely addition to your jewellery collection. The trunks of apple trees are said to remind one of a woman’s body posing in different forms. Because of this the apple represents femininity and fertility. It is one of the few fruits that can last a long time if stored correctly. This is said to resemble love. If we nurture and take care of our relationships the special people in our lives will love us for a long time to come. The apple jewellery charms have leaves made out of yellow Welsh gold and the fruit is of rose gold. If you are a fan of fruit jewellery charms you might even consider selecting the double cherry charm. This charm is made out of 9 ct rare Welsh gold.

Carousel horse jewellery charms represent an innocent loving childhood. It has always been a treat for children to come racing with their pocket money in hand just to ride that carousel merry-go-round one more time. This jewellery charm made out of Welsh gold will remind you of your carefree childhood days. Another jewellery charm that symbolizes your childhood is the ballet slipper. If you have studied dance for many years this charm could represent your artistic talent. The bow of the ballet slipper is made out of yellow Welsh gold and the slipper itself is made of silver.  

One of the most popular jewellery charm designs is the frog prince charming. Once you see this jewellery charm you will definitely want it as a part of your collection. This charm is a frog made out of silver with a crown made out of rare Welsh gold. This jewellery charm is so sought after because plenty of women definitely want to find their prince charming one day. Now that you have understood some of the meanings behind these Welsh gold Jewellery charms you will be able to select them according to the ones that have some significance in your life. The jewellery charms that you collect will tell a story about you. Some of the other popular jewellery charm designs include the lipstick, swallow, heart, flip flop, dove, butterfly, Welsh dragon and more. 

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